Youth Against Violence Programs

The YAV programs have adopted the strategic approach of PREVENTION, RESCUE AND REHABILITATION.

Weekly Mentorship Program

Through a system of mentoring and instruction, young people are taught how to manage and control the five aspects of humanity, which are spiritual, emotional, physical, mental and their economical well-being. They are trained to be leaders and how to live wholesome, productive and law- abiding lives. They are taught vocations and some are given the opportunity to receive professional training in white and/or blue-collar fields.


Peace on the Streets Community Program

This event is an anti violence campaign geared toward the youth in local schools and communities in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. This program has impacted thousands of young people with a strong message of peace. Hundreds of young people are today living peaceful and productive lives as a result of this campaign. We impact communities that the average organizations are afraid to go into. We use drama, music, testimonies, sports and motivational messages to get our message across.


Annual Back to School Jam

This event is responsible for the distribution of hundreds of school bags and supplies to under privileged kids in the Bahamas. Hundreds of young people entertain with drama and music. They are also provided with information to help them avoid and resolve conflicts. This event affords us an opportunity to build community relations and gives us an opportunity to speak into the lives of hundreds of youth and their parents.


Conflict Resolution Seminars

These seminars are held throughout The Bahamas. Attendees are taught how to resolve conflicts and how to become conflict mediators. These seminars are held in schools, churches, communities and at The Hope Center. These seminars are geared toward parents, teachers, youth workers, pastors and youth and give an opportunity to impact hundreds of youth. We also are able to equip persons who work closely with youth, with the tools they need to effectively reach them.

Annual Christmas Toy Drive

This event is held in December and is geared toward the under privileged children in the Bahamas. We host a Christmas party at the Hope Center and give away hundreds of gifts. Many of these children would not experience Christmas with out this event. This event affords us an opportunity to build community relations and gives us an opportunity to speak into the lives of hundreds of youth and their parents.

Suspension Center

This program helps our school system with students who have been suspended from school. These students are able to receive, supervised suspension while learning conflict resolution and anger management to prevent future problems.


We offer group and individual counseling to young people involved in drugs, gangs, and those with anger management and conflict resolution issues.

Arts & Drama

We provide opportunities for young people to utilize and explore their talents. Our center is equipped with audio and video studios, where young people can learn production and are given stage to showcase their talents.


After School program

Available to assist our youth with their academics. Classes are held at The Hope Center, Mondays to Thursdays from 4 pm to 6pm. The tutors are volunteers. A large number of students have improved their G.P.As. as result of this program.


Hope for the Hopeless

Our weekly television show which is hosted by Apostle Carlos Reid and is broadcast on most of our local television stations. This show is geared toward bring real solutions to real people, who live in a real world and have real problems. This show is recorded and edited by young people in YAV.

YAV Programs



The Female Arm of YAV
Producing charming, successful, self-confident, disciplined and intelligent young women...


Platinum Souljahs


The Male Arm of YAV
Designed to transform the at-risk male into a respectful and productive law abiding citizen...


Operation Redemption


Hands-on Training Institute
Providing vocational skills for young men and women in the Bahamas....


Nelson Cooper Basketball


Basketball Tournament
Brings together young men from all over the Bahamas to shoot basketballs instead of guns....