How You Can Help?

The Bahamas Youth are suffering a serious epidemic and they need our help. Whatever support you can provide will help to make a difference (money, time, goods).

Monetary Donations: You can click our donate button below or make cheques payable to ‘Youth Against Violence’ and you can mail it to:

Youth Against Violence
P.O. Box GT 2353
Nassau, Bahamas

In-Kind Donations: We are constantly in need of school supplies, computer equipment, digital equipment, vehicles, sports equipment etc. Please feel free to donate any used goods to Youth Against Violence at Thompson Blvd.

Be a Volunteer: Volunteering your time is another way of giving aid to distressed youth. No special skills are needed, just a kind heart and your time. A mentor is a trusted and faithful friend who listens, supports, and guides a young person on a consistent basis over a specified period of time. If you feel you have what it takes to make a difference in someone’s life, then volunteer your time to someone in need.

Spread the Word: Share the message of Youth Against Violence with your friends and colleagues. Let’s try to involve as many people as we can to help our youth in need.

**We thank you for all your support in our fight against youth violence. Together we can bring peace to our streets and hope to the hopeless.**


YAV Programs



The Female Arm of YAV
Producing charming, successful, self-confident, disciplined and intelligent young women...


Platinum Souljahs


The Male Arm of YAV
Designed to transform the at-risk male into a respectful and productive law abiding citizen...


Operation Redemption


Hands-on Training Institute
Providing vocational skills for young men and women in the Bahamas....


Nelson Cooper Basketball


Basketball Tournament
Brings together young men from all over the Bahamas to shoot basketballs instead of guns....


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