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Carlos G Reid was born on the island of New Providence located in the beautiful Bahamas. He grew up as a delinquent youth searching for an identity he thought could be found in drugs, alcohol and promiscuous living. He led a gang in the Bahamas called "The Magic City Assassinators” that is now known as the "Jungless" today.

In 1989, Carlos decided to give up that lifestyle and has since devoted his life to the fight against drugs and violent crimes. He is the founding president of Youth Against Violence, a program designed to bring peace to our streets. He is the Director of Operation Redemption, a youth program designed to rescue and empower delinquent young men. He has inspired audiences all over the world as an author, inspirational and motivational speaker and is also the Senior Pastor of The Hope Center Outreach Ministries International located in the beautiful city of Nassau, Bahamas. His unique, real and down-to- earth presentations have gained him notoriety. He has appeared on numerous radio and television shows and is the host of the television shows “Hope for the Hopeless” and “Word of Hope”.

Mr. Reid is certified by the National Gang & Crime Research Center of America in gang prevention and intervention skills, gang counseling techniques and gang problems in K12 schools. He serves as a consultant on gang violence for the government the Bahamas and serves on the National Youth Advisory Council, the National Drug Council and the National Crime Advisory council. He is the author of the book entitled “Out Of The Hood And Into God’s Purpose” which is an autobiography of his life; and is also the author of the book “Facing the Future, the keys to becoming the successful you”. Apostle Reid has also co-authored a book entitled “Respect” which is about gangbanging in the Bahamas. He is a gifted motivational speaker, consultant and teacher and has traveled all over The Bahamas and the Caribbean. His motto is “when you are living in darkness you can do one of two things; you could curse the darkness or light a candle."


YAV Programs



The Female Arm of YAV
Producing charming, successful, self-confident, disciplined and intelligent young women...


Platinum Souljahs


The Male Arm of YAV
Designed to transform the at-risk male into a respectful and productive law abiding citizen...


Operation Redemption


Hands-on Training Institute
Providing vocational skills for young men and women in the Bahamas....


Nelson Cooper Basketball


Basketball Tournament
Brings together young men from all over the Bahamas to shoot basketballs instead of guns....


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