About Youth Against Violence


Youth Against Violence (YAV), a registered Non-Profit organization, is the brainchild of Mr. Carlos Reid a former gang leader who grew up as a delinquent youth on the island of New Providence. In 1989 Carlos decided to put aside the lifestyle of drugs, promiscuous living and violent crime and form an organization mandated to successfully arrest the problem of gang violence, which many believe is responsible for the significant increase in the level of violent crime which has been spiraling upward in the Bahamas at an alarming rate in recent years. Reid, who has been certified by the National Gang and Crime Prevention Association, serves as President of YAV. He also serves as Director of Operation Redemption. Reid serves on the National Crime Advisory Council, the National Youth Council, the National Drug Council and National Safe School Council.

Vision Statement

Creating environments and opportunities that can empower the youth to become positive, law-abiding and productive citizens

Mission Statement

To bring peace to our streets by influencing this generation to influence future generations in a positive way

The broader vision of YAV is to empower the youth of this nation, particularly those living in the underprivileged areas, to become law-abiding citizens thus enabling them to make positive contributions to their communities.

Population Groups served

The Bahamas as many countries around the world is experiencing a heightened level of criminal activity at a time when the country is rebounding from the impact of a global recession. YAV has addressed this problem by directing delinquent youth away from this negative trend toward positive and productive activities affording full advantage of the educational and economic opportunities available to them.

From its inception YAV has successfully served young people at-risk between the ages of 10 – 25 years from various backgrounds in New Providence, comprising approximately 60% males and 40% females. We cater to a total of 200 children per week – 95% of which are under the age of 25, residing throughout New Providence. Many of our young persons who have graduated from various YAV programs have gone on to lead very productive lives and are now making a meaningful contribution to society at large.


The short-term objective of YAV is to reduce the level of criminal activities among young people by 50%. The long-term objective of YAV is to bring about a zero tolerance attitude toward crime and violence among the youth of our nation.

Budget & Required Funding

An operation of this kind requires continued financial support. An immediate concern facing the organization is that YAV operates from government owned property situated on Thompson Blvd, immediately east of the Bahamas Customs Headquarters. As an incentive, the Bahamas government has permitted a lease free arrangement since 1996. We have now outgrown our present facilities and require an upgrade to accommodate this growth. The government has presented an alternative property in principle to us. We are looking to purchase and erect a Pre-Fab building 100 x 150, which will encompass all of our facilities including a dormitory, which will house youth who do not have living facilities.

YAV is seeking the financial support of major corporations to adequately sustain its various programs and facilities; meeting our financial goals is paramount to the future of this vital organization.

It should be noted that The Hope Center, a Bahamian non-profit entity, which commenced operation in 2007, has played a significant role in all major marketing and public relations initiatives for Youth Against Violence.

Mr. Carlos Reid is promptly available to discuss details of operational cost, budget and corporate contributions relevant to Youth Against Violence.


YAV Programs



The Female Arm of YAV
Producing charming, successful, self-confident, disciplined and intelligent young women...


Platinum Souljahs


The Male Arm of YAV
Designed to transform the at-risk male into a respectful and productive law abiding citizen...


Operation Redemption


Hands-on Training Institute
Providing vocational skills for young men and women in the Bahamas....


Nelson Cooper Basketball


Basketball Tournament
Brings together young men from all over the Bahamas to shoot basketballs instead of guns....


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