Operation Redemption

The empowerment arm of Youth Against Violence, which seeks to provide vocational skills for young men and women, through a “Earn and Learn” program. Essentially, this program (currently consisting of 30 young men) affords youth to learn a useful trade while at the same time earning a living. Specific areas of training include:

  • Auto Mechanics

  • Auto Body Repair

  • Auto Detailing

  • Home Repairs

  • Audio & Video Recording/Production

  • Computer Skills & Repair

  • Graphics Design

  • Movie Production



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YAV Programs



The Female Arm of YAV
Producing charming, successful, self-confident, disciplined and intelligent young women...


Platinum Souljahz


The Male Arm of YAV
Designed to transform the at-risk male into a respectful and productive law abiding citizen...


Operation Redemption


Hands-on Training Institute
Providing vocational skills for young men and women in the Bahamas....


Nelson Cooper Basketball


Basketball Tournament
Brings together young men from all over the Bahamas to shoot basketballs instead of guns....